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Pam's Quilting Corner

Longarm Quilting

Have that quilt top that you’ve spent all year making perfect? Want to finish it off but don’t have the means to do so? Longarm quilting can finish it up nicely. Pricing is a bit different than it used to be, so read carefully.

Standard: $1.45 per inch on the long side (if your quilt is more than 100″ in length, then $1.50 per inch, also per bobbin will be $1.00 if over 5 bobbins)
Wave: $1.45 per inch on the long side
T-shirt, embroidery, antique: $1.55 per inch on the long side (Please use the woven fusible interfacing for backing. This helps in less thread breakage and skipped stitches. Otherwise we will only be able to stitch in the ditch with no actual quilting.)
With flowers, hearts, etc: $1.50 per inch on the long side

Rollover: $35 – $45
Machine sewn: $35 – $50

Minimum $50 for quilt repairs

Backing and batting extra: $9.99 per yard for batting, $16.99/yard for wide backing (depending on which one you choose).

We need at least a month to six weeks to complete. More details available in store, on a form to be filled out upon quilt drop off. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Please be aware that the quality of your quilting is directly related to the quality and integrity of the quilt top and back. We know that no quilt is perfect and we always do our best with each quilt. We promise to try to make any flaws as inconspicuous as possible. Please know that we cannot be held responsible for problems that arise from: holes in seams, thick points, dark threads that may show through, fullness in the border and/or quilt, or any other problems that arise outside of our control.

Quilts left over 60 days, after you have been called to let you know it's ready, will be sold.  We have a collection of quilts that have not been picked up.  If we reach out to you, after 3 or 4 
attempts, we will assume you don't want the quilt any longer
and we will have to sell it.  Please, if you still want your quilt, stay in contact with us.